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Better Off Said

Jul 29, 2020

22: Becca has been enlightened with adding more sustainable practices into her life! So today, she is taking you through the NINE things she has incorporated into her daily life to help minimize her footprint on our gorgeous green Earth. Nikki also joins her in the beginning of the episode for their weekly moments that...

Jul 22, 2020

21: It's the first solo episode we have done and Nikki is taking it away with her recap of her most popular blog post, Essentials for Baby's First Year. This podcast has the top products that changed Nikki and Thor's lives with Cannon in the categories of sleep, bath time, active time, changing, nursing, eating...

Jul 15, 2020

20: Nikki and Becca are talking personal skincare today! Hear about their morning routines and night routines, plus their favorite tools, tips and tricks. They also discuss how they're treating specific issues they each suffer from and products they buy to accomodate their skin types. Below, we've linked everything we...

Jul 9, 2020

19: This week, Becca asks Nikki more about who she was before they met. From her painful experience going through a family break up, how her college experience molded her into who she is today, pivoting in your business and more!


Nikki's product mentions:

Wine Away


Bedroom rug


Becca's product mentions:


Jul 1, 2020

#18: It's time to get to know more about Becca Booker. On today's episode, Nikki asks Becca questions that she didn't even know the answer to. We talk about the high school and college years that made Becca who she is today, what she did to save up to buy her first home, her perspective on marriage, kids, religion...