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Better Off Said

Aug 12, 2020

24: The fall semester is basically here (where the heckkk did this year go?) so we are talking about our experiences and tips with hiring, firing, managing and interviewing unpaid interns. When you are a small business owner, interns are the best first step to take when looking for additional help with your business, however, there are certain rules and guidelines that you need to follow when your interns are unpaid to keep you out of hot water. It's also a whole new world adding interns to your one-man-show because managing someone can feel like a full time job itself if you don't get a good handle on a management system. So we're spilling all of our favorite platforms to make this process seamless. Plus, some funny interns stories and the best way to go about firing if you need to.


Nikki's Product of the Week

Sous Chef Toddler Step Stool


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Loreal Telescopic Mascara


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