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Better Off Said

May 6, 2020

#11: Today we welcome Owner and Lead Wedding Planner of Some Like It Classic, Kayla Bellitt, to the podcast and oh boy do we feel for her right now! The hospitality industry is the first industry, and the hardest hit, by the coronavirus, and Kayla shares it all with us. From endless clients calls, vendor contract re-negotiation, the loss of future revenue, Kayla has become a therapist and lawyer on top of wedding planner. We also talk about how she has known what she's wanted to do since she was 16 years old and the steps she took to buy out her boss at just 22 years old. She is truly an example to young, aspiring entrepreneurs.


Here are some fun facts about Kayla:

  1. She hates being hugged 
  2. She grew up in Colorado 
  3. She is an a enneagram 5 
  4. She loves to bake


Products We Mentioned:
Nikki Product Of The Week: Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45
Becca Product Of The Week: Use code BBOOKS20 for 20% Gorjana jewelry for Mother's Day 


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