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Better Off Said

May 13, 2020

#12: Today we are joined by Kristen Forgione, Creator and Principal Designer of THELIFESTYLEDCO, Design Firm and Retail Shops specializing in minimal and modern aesthetic called Organic Desert Living. Talk about a conversation that could have gone on forever! She is so easy to talk to and very open about everything.


Kristen gets candid with us about how she started her sought-after interior design firm and the importance of naming her aesthetic (enter: #organicdesertliving). We get into how she built a loyal team and the bad apples she came across along the way. Kristen also touches on how she realized adding additional revenue streams was crucial to giving herself more time with family and eventually helped her continue to pay her employees through the pandemic.


Among other things, we talk about strategically spending on credit cards, the effectiveness of hashtags and we meet Linda, her new corgi rescue!


Products We Mentioned:

Nikki Product Of The Week: Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Becca Product Of The Week: Ninja Foodie


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